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Here’s What Others Are Saying About Us

Many times people live with a condition because they do not realize they have an alternative. Now is the time to embrace the alternative for everyone in your family. Read the testimonials some of our patients share about their experiences with Natural Results Chiropractic Clinic, in their own words.

“If it wasn’t for Dr. Cabazolo I wouldn’t be walking without pain. He has kept me going for 15 years. He and his staff do everything they can to make your life comfortable and easier. They are very caring!”

– Ann H.


“Recently, I simply tried to put a sweat shirt on and felt an intense pain and heard a loud “pop” in my upper back between my shoulders. For 2 days I basically splinted myself and remained in severe pain rated at 8 to 10 on a 1-10 scale. My back was in an unbelievable spasm, so intense that I almost could not walk, turn, sit, stand or get into any position without severe pain.

Based upon the recommendation of a co-worker and friend, I called Natural Results Chiropractic and scheduled an appointment. From the moment I entered the office, I was greeted by kind, honest, professional staff. Dr. Scott Cabazolo (or “Doctor C” as most refer to him) performed an evaluation of my history, actively listening to every detail. After X-Rays and some muscle stimulation, Doctor C performed a full evaluation of my entire spine. I was in such an intense spasm, he was not able to accomplish much on the first visit outside of the evaluation; however, he prescribed a plan of treatment and explained it to me in detail.

Just 1 week into my treatment, my pain was reduced substantially and mobility increased. Now 4 weeks out, I feel wonderful. My upper back, shoulders and neck are getting stronger and I once again have full mobility. My course of treatment has included muscle stimulation, heat, laser therapy, alignment, and therapeutic massage. It is very obvious that Dr. Cabazolo and staff are very experienced and strive to provide an optimum level of care to all of their patients. I highly recommend this professional and his team to anyone seeking chiropractic care and a positive healing experience.”

– S. Heather Phillips-Greene


“I first met Dr.Cabazolo through BNI, and from there I was invited to a complimentary informational dinner. Right off the bat I was impressed that someone would go so far as to host a nice dinner and a short “lecture” to prospective clients. My husband and I attended the dinner and were impressed by the welcoming nature of Doc and the staff! The lecture was informative, interesting and intriguing. I was definitely curious to learn more about the Pro Adjuster system and Dr Cabazolo’s approach so I set up an appointment for my consultation. In the consult I learned the source of my back pain was most likely from a whiplash injury I had suffered from unbeknownst to me. We talked about a plan to help maximize mobility and decrease pain, and since my insurance hadn’t started yet, Dr Cabazolo asked that I be set up with one of his payment plans. What a relief and a help that was!!! Dr Cabazolo was quick to adjust my program once my husband and I learned we were expecting!! As I have learned to adjust to the changes in my body and their impact on my spine, Dr Cabazolo and the massage therapist have been instrumental in helping me sleep through the night and maintaining a healthy alignment. I look forward to every visit not just for physical relief but for the inviting atmosphere and superior customer service.”

– Sarah S.


“When I was 18 years old I fell from about 8′ and landed on my back on top of a wire shopping cart breaking a disc in my back. After 6 months in a brace and 6 months of physical therapy after the brace was removed I was all healed up.

30 years later I was in so much pain I could not sleep. I had developed bone spurs on my neck vertebre and were causing severe pain in my neck, shoulder and down my arm. My right hand and fingers were numb and I could barely work a computer mouse for more than 10 minutes.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Scott Cabazolo for a year now, and have been virtually pain free for over 10 months now. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Cabazolo!!!”

– Brian M.


“Because of my life’s work, my knees and lumbar areas become stressed and painful. It wasn’t until I became a nurse that I was taught proper body mechanics, too late to undo the damage.

And then I was introduced to Dr. ‘C.’ Thanks to a planned treatment of laser/massage to my knees and orthotics for my shoes, I am pain-free, swelling and heat in knees gone. I am now able to do my ADLs without discomfort. Example—up and down on kitchen stepladder painting an entire bedroom!”


“I’ve suffered severe tension headaches and migraines since 2007. They gradually got worse and more frequent until around 2012 when was experiencing significant pain almost non-stop for an entire year. I had reached a point where I couldn’t get out of bed without popping pain pills almost every morning and more throughout the day. I was dealing with multiple severe headaches and migraines and missing several hours of work every week because I was either in too much pain to drive or because I couldn’t stay focused at my desk. I was 21 years old and I thought my life was over.

When I met Dr. Scott he showed me that the vertebrae in my neck were out of alignment and left untreated, I would develop arthritis by the time I was forty. At first I was hesitant but then I decided that living with chronic pain was ruining my life and I agreed to treatment. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The full treatment took several months but eventually the pain was all but gone. My headaches reduced from 2 to 4 a week to only about 2 or 3 a MONTH and I stopped missing work. I also noticed that I no longer got tired after just a few minutes of standing (a weakness in my back I wasn’t even aware of until it was gone). In addition to my neck and back problems, Dr. Scott has been able to keep my hips aligned—yet another issue that has caused me discomfort since I was a child.

Chiropractic is no “snake-oil medicine.” I’ve been visiting Natural Results once a week for three years now and I find it to be one of the most valuable investments I’ve made in my physical health. I highly recommend Dr. Scott and his staff!”

– Randi R.


“I am writing this letter to you because of the recent care you and your incredible staff have provided to my 16-year-old daughter, Erika. As you know, my daughter has suffered several major concussions over the past 21 months playing soccer. One of the concussions she suffered resulted in her being carried off the field on a stretcher by paramedics and wearing a neck brace to immobilize her neck on the ambulance ride to Winchester hospital. After we were allowed to take her home, she began to complain of severe headaches and incredible pain in her neck.

After your examination of my daughter’s neck, you determined she was suffering from whiplash and was in need of chiropractic adjustments to get her neck back into proper alignment. Along with the chiropractic adjustments and your gentle way of caring for your patients, you also prescribed massage therapy, a neck orthotic, and cold compresses. Your amazing staff has always provided excellent care for me and my family in a friendly, welcoming manner.

My daughter is now feeling much better and we only have you and your awesome staff to thank for that result. From the bottom of my heart I want to extend my sincerest thank you to you as a chiropractic doctor and to your entire staff for making all of us feel like we are your most valued patients. There is no way I could ever repay you for what you have done to help me and my entire family, and for that I am eternally grateful.

We send our blessings to you, your family, and to all the members of your incredible staff at Natural Results Chiropractic.”

– Brian M.


“Dr. C and nurses are the nicest people I know—they treat you like family. I started going to Dr. C for my knee and hip; previously, I went to therapy in other places, but didn’t get anywhere. My family told me about Dr. C., so I went to see him. After treatment three times a week for three months I was walking again, all thanks to him.

In October, I started experiencing ringing in my ear. It sounded like water running, a train, wind blowing, throbbing—all of it. The sound was so loud I couldn’t sleep. It felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest. I went to several doctors, but it didn’t do any good; I wore a heart monitor for 24 hours, had a sonogram done in both ears. Nothing. I was treated for many symptoms and allergies. I took all kinds of medications. Still nothing. So I went to Dr. C for my ear. He treated me twice a week. Within a month I could sleep, do housework, and walk without the pitter-patter in my chest and ear. Dr. C did what no other doctor could do.

For any pain in your body, I recommend Dr. C.”


“Before I met Doctor Scott, I was in a golf cart in Charlestown. When I got out of the golf cart’s passenger seat, I hit my head on the plastic handle under the roof hard enough that it knocked me back into the seat. It didn’t seem to affect me that much. Then a couple of days went by and I started experiencing numbness in my jaw and teeth.

A week later I was headed out of town to Chattanooga for a conference. On the drive home it’s lucky nobody was in the vehicle with me, because I was literally screaming in pain. It was shooting to the top of my head, across the middle of my face, and across my gums through the center of my face. I literally thought my face was coming off. I got home Thursday night and my wife took me in to urgent care the next day. From the time of the incident to that point was about two weeks.

The ER diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia. Basically, what I did was one of two things: I either stripped the coating off a nerve inside of my ear because I hit my head so hard or I caused a blood vessel to swell and it was lying on the nerve. That particular nerve has three branches: it goes to the top of the head, across the middle of the face, and across the gums.

Unfortunately, the ER doctor couldn’t help me. So I was sent to an ear, nose, and throat doctor. That one said, “We can’t help you, so we’re going to have to sign you up for a neurologist. You’re facing surgery to get this corrected. You’re going to be on a waiting list for three to six months because you’re not considered an emergency.”

I was put on prescription medicine given to seizure patients. I was taking that in the morning and at night while popping 600 mg of Ibuprofen every four hours to stop the pain. But I don’t do medicine very well, so I was going through my days like a zombie.

I discovered that if I drank water and held it in my mouth it would stop the pain, but doing that for three to six months was impossible. But I couldn’t wait for the surgery, either. I was going to Ohio soon, so I called some chiropractors out there. One said she could help me. But then my trip to Ohio got canceled, so I called her again. She gave me a list of what I needed done and told me to find a local chiropractor who could do them.

 I found Doctor Scott online and called, and they were able to get me in the same day. The technology they have in the clinic is just fantastic. I was actually able to see where the pain was and how it was affecting me. After the third visit, I was able to cut my prescription in half; after the second full week I wasn’t taking any prescription because there was absolutely no pain in my face, at all. Their massage therapy is something I can honestly say I believe was a godsend for me. All told, it took three visits per week for three weeks. After six weeks I’m still pain-free.

In the end, it turns out I was just desperately in need of a chiropractic adjustment. I’m not in the referral system for the neurologist anymore because the issues in my face and jaw were all connected to my neck; Doctor Scott found out what it was and corrected it. It wasn’t invasive, I don’t have to do surgery, and I’m completely off my meds. Now I only do Ibuprofen when I play golf. And I duck when I get out of the cart.”

– Tony


“I had two back surgeries, leaving me in so much pain there were days I could tear the world apart, but I refused to increase painkillers; I wanted to find ways to deal with it as naturally as possible. Yes, I need some medicine—I don’t hold that against anyone. I have to control the pain with meds and pain clinic injections, but I can’t have anything with aspirin because I’m a heart patient on blood thinners. That means no arthritis meds, which makes it hard.

So a friend told me about Natural Results on one of my “tear apart” days. They saw me right away. About thirty minutes with a very pleasant staff, Dr. Cabazolo, the amazing clicker, and a very deep pressure treatment on the scar area that drives my life crazy, and I walked out—free. I felt like crying. Only those who walk my steps can understand the relief that comes when this happens, if you deal with pain every day in your life and have times it feels like the pressure of it can drive you out of your mind.

Besides the back surgeries, there was a time a foot doctor sent me to therapy that messed up my back and nerves in a big way. So seeing Dr. C and getting laser treatment and massage therapy came into play, and my life was such a NEW life. I wish insurance companies could understand the need for the combination of all these together for patients—help people get to a life that would be in less pain and the therapy to keep us going (and they want painkillers gone, so give us the healthcare to get rid of them).

Will I ever be totally pain-free? No. Is that Dr. C’s fault? No. Can I have a better life than I’ve had since surgery in the early 90s? Yes. So Dr. C, your staff, the massage staff—please stay here, because our lives depend on it, but do take care of yourselves as well. My thanks to the staff of Natural Results, where you’re a person.”

– Jean