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Natural Results Chiropractic in Front Royal, VA

Since Dr. Cabazolo established the practice in 1996, three chiropractic assistants and two massage therapists have joined the team and our patient roster is always expanding. Our team has a focus on providing high-quality care with a gentle touch.

At Natural Results, we seek to help our patients realize their long-term health and wellness goals through treatment and education about the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, diet, and nutrition. We appreciate that although some of our patients may be diagnosed with the same condition, a variety of health and lifestyle factors may mean that they respond very differently to treatment. For this reason, we tailor a specific plan of action to each patient’s needs and their unique medical and physical conditions.

Come see how we are different from other healthcare providers. We are interested in promoting your long-term health and wellness, not just delivering a quick fix to mask pain or injury. Dr. Cabazolo and his caring staff have helped hundreds in the Front Royal and Winchester area experience natural healing without resorting to the use of expensive and potentially dangerous prescription medications and surgeries.

You too can discover the gentle, natural approach to overall health and soon be feeling better than you have in years. Consultations are just $39. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Dr. Scott Cabazolo, DC

Dr Scott Cabazolo

Natural Results founder Dr. Scott Cabazolo provides an instrument and hands-on approach for adjusting the spine to correct misalignments that cause pain or reduced function. He uses gentle, painless techniques that help patients feel comfortable and at ease during their treatment. His mission is not only to help his patients heal from injury but to show them that a better life is available through education and the practice of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Therapist


Rob graduated from the Florida Academy of Massage in December 1997. He began practicing massage therapy in Florida the following January. He moved to Virginia the following year and provided patient care for Valley Health for the next couple of years as a massage therapist and group fitness instructor.

He started working with Dr. Scott at Natural Results Chiropractic in February of 2000 and continues to provide therapeutic care to Dr. Scott’s patients each day. Rob specializes in myofascial release, Swedish massage, and uses various Rehab modalities such as scraping, cupping, banded therapy, reflexology, and many other techniques to provide rehabilitation and pain relief to his clients.