The ProAdjuster — A Breakthrough in Healing

Imagine if we told you thirty to forty years ago that dentistry would be painless, that doctors would watch television to perform surgeries, that brain surgery for tumors could be done with a laser, that knifeless surgery could be performed . . . you would not have believed us. By the same token, would you believe us if we told you that chiropractic treatments and reorientation of the nervous system could be done comfortably, while you were sitting in an upright position, without any turning or sudden movements? Would you believe that newborns as well as the elderly with osteoporosis can be treated safely and gently?

Advances in computers and engineering technologies have been able to uniquely blend with chiropractic in order to both analyze and treat the human body in a way never before realized. The potential for the human being to end pain and to achieve peak nervous system function has never been greater. Humans are consistently asking their bodies to perform at higher levels. Now we have the techniques and the technology to match the demand placed on the spine and the nervous system. We have the capability to fine tune our own energy and enhance every aspect of our lives. Complex technology, simple solution—the ProAdjuster.

The ProAdjuster use a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion. Applied properly, the ProAdjuster increases the mobility of the spinal segments by reducing or enabling motion in the abnormal areas. In other words, the ProAdjuster is “unsticking” the joint. Have you ever seen a woodpecker tapping on a tree? The ProAdjuster taps in much the same way but uses soft tips that are comfortable to the human body and does not create damage. In this way, adjustments require less bending, less twisting and much less pressure directly applied to the patient. Treatment can now be delivered with precision and tailored to you and your individual needs.

Please contact our office so that we can determine if you are a candidate for the ProAdjuster.